Lectures & workshops

For many years I teach Interaction design to larger groups and individuals. At this moment I am a teacher at two education centers: Lectric and Competence Factory for 2 or 4-day courses. In the future I will give those courses online as well.

Workshops 2012-2013:

Hubud, Ubud, Bali (Indonesia)
Workshop about how to build a business game in 7 steps.

Games for heritage conference, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Workshop role-playing game about game best practises for heritage.

Regional Techno Center Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

The Regional Techno Center Amsterdam (RTCA) is aimed at the technology sector, and acts as an intermediary between technical vocational training institutes, the business community and the government. I presented a number of workshops to RTCA instructors concerning the conceptualizing and implementation of designing processes.

Salon de museologie Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Initiator and moderator of a ‘socially relevant brainstorming game’. National heritage organizations need to better cooperate with (social/public) institutes. This will provide them with a social platform (which does not necessarily always need to make use of the latest digital technologies). Being supported by all of society in this way, rather than primarily by the organization itself, their collections will increase in meaning and sustainability. Stating the truth regarding our heritage, and attributing meaning to it, will then be done by the whole of our society.

ICT-ster Amsterdam(The Netherlands)

An event called “ICT-ster” took place on the initiative of technology professionals that wished to kindle enthusiasm in young women for careers in ICT and new media. Together with Carla Hoekendijk, I presented a workshop on games in the cultural sector, thus offering an example of ways in which women are able to successfully participate in this specific sector.

Lectures 2012-2013

Competence Factory Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Montly lectures about interaction design, game design, crossmedia and concept and campaign development.

Art and design school Bandung (Indonesia)
Lecture about best practises game design

FARO, Brussels (Belgium) Keynote presentation conference: Trends for gaming and heritage.

Universitata de Pernambuco, Refice (Brasil)
Lecture about gaming trends.

Conference Cultura Digital, Sao Paulo (Brasil)
Presentation about best practices game applications for digital heritage.

University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands
Presentation digital exhibit for students of the Faculty of Museum Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Models were discussed that students could make use of in order to map out the quality of new media applications.

ROC, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Presentation for students of majoring in Media design at a Secondary Vocational School. Workshops pertaining to the transfer of knowledge as well as practical software skills.

Beamlab Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

A reading about new media best practises for museums.

Community of Practice, Gent (Belgium)
Community of Practice is a research group for innovative digital strategies for heritage. I gave an lecture about the future of game applications and wrote an abstract. (incl attach)

Presentation at Faro, Brussels

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