Game brainstorming

Lets create together a game. It’s great to organise brainstorm sessions about gaming. It’s often fun in a relaxt atmosphere, everybody is equal and you may say stupid things. We try to come up together with the best game application. What do you need? A brainstorm question. Possible outcomes. Pencils and paper. A group of 3 or more people.

Do’s in a brainstorm:
everything is okey, try to assosiate, mistakes are good, goal related talks, get inspired by others, try to give a full 100%, give compliments, listen to others, keep your ideas, prepare your ideas in forehand, react on others

Dont’s in a brainstorm:
Don’t say ‘Yes, but…” , no justments.

Conference Digital Strategies for Heritage, Barcelona (Spain)

A brainstorm session about the future of digital applications for heritage.

Imagine IC Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Two brainstormsessions to come up with a new digital strategy including a new game tool.

Game hackaton, Ubud (Bali)
24 hours brainstorming and development of an application for a secondhand clothing compagny.

Want the best game principles for your site, or an innovative game campaign? Book an brainstormsession at your office!
$ 129,- per hour. Creative concepting, research, brainstorming. (Occasionally I do sponsorships)
$ 75 brainstorm conclusion

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