Clients question:
Commauction is a online bet system for buying meat. They build a site to bet on the meat, but most visitors don’t understand the bet system.

Their question was:
– Create a clear target group communication (for who)
– Visualize how the system works
– Overall more usability
This was the interface before I the web usability check.

I checked the site with the Usability Evaluation Framework with the following criteria:
- Useful
- Desirable
- Usable
- Accessible
- Credible
- Findable
- Valuable. I came up with a list of 25 main solutions for a better and more user friendly site, including 2 interface sketches. Click on the image for close-up.
Improvements are:
– Each target group has it’s own ‘what’s in it for thems’
– Menu bar visible
– Visuals (logo, pictures) are better visable
– Colors of buttons are connected with the action of it
– Graphic steps how to subscibe

New result:



Old result:


Client: www.perfectstreak.com

Perfectstreak offers a game in which players predict the outcome of sportsmatches of existing teams. Client has presented some websites as referencematerial. Those websites differ from Perfectstreak in this way, that the other websites are true fantasy sport websites on which players can create dreamteams etc. But players have the same objective, that is to win points or money.

Clients question: come up with solutions for
– understanding of the game should selfexplanatory
– attract more players to the website
– increase the number of active players
– increase the number of returning players
– increase the level of interaction for the players with the website
– increase the amount of game elements

The report identifies problems and offers solutions in the areas of webdesign, interaction and gamedesign. It is divided in three sections, two sections concerned with new and returning visitors and a section with general remarks.

1.1 What is the site about?
1.2 How to interact?
1.3 How to play
1.4 Playing for the first time.
2.1 Functionalities for returning visitors
2.2 Interacting with the community
3.1 Design
3.2 UX/navigation
3.3 Social sharing
3.4 Texts and copywriting
3.5 Technical problems

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